Friday, April 11, 2014

The R.E.A.L Town Marketplace Part 2

As I move forward with my newest venture, The R.E.A.L. Town Marketplace,
I want to thank everyone for the encouraging words!
 Let me introduce you to my newest local vendor,
Megan Carty of Me and Wee.
This woman has so much positivity and fun oozing from her, that it totally comes out in her artwork. She's balancing being a wife, a mother of two young children and an artist.
 I've started carrying a selection of her cards at The Spaulding Cooperage,
 but check out her Etsy sight here to see her total line of prints and cards. Megan also has a blog, follow her here. Here are a few samples of the cards that I'm carrying...
Happy Easter Card, Easter Card, bunny card, abstract bunny painting, new baby card, blank
This is the perfect Spring/Easter card, wouldn't you agree? Megan's technique was to paint a gorgeous abstract painting and then impose a bunny silhouette over it. The painting/print is gorgeous by itself, but adding the silhouette (which she also did with a deer and and elephant, see them here) was just mind-blowing perfection! Do you think I like this card a 'wee' bit?? Oh, yeah!
Owl art, woodland art, nursery art print, 8x10 print, tawny owl, robins egg blue
This owl and vintage phone is just one in a collection of 3. See the others on her Etsy site.

Thinking of you card, spring card, hunter boots, gardening card, rain boots, wellies, notecard   New Baby card, Baby shower card, Baby on the way, stork carrying baby card, baby greeting card, congratulations on baby  Thinking of you card, spring card, new england, lilacs, farmhouse, historic house
(all pictures via Megan's Etsy site)
I decided to show them off at the shop using a vintage apple cider press and I attached vintage artists clips to display the cards.
 And I put the remainder into an old vintage dish strainer.
Stop by the shop and see them for yourself!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

One Week To Go!

The countdown is on!
This is my last Sunday to sleep in for awhile, and I'm so excited about that!!! What can make me want to lose hours of sleep? THIS!

The lovely Sunday morning Flea Markets!
I know I'm not the only one...
Happy Flea Season Everyone!!!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Spring Front Door

I don't know if spring has arrived where you live, but here in New England, she's taking her sweet time. It's been dark, rainy, cold...and I say 'ENOUGH ALREADY'! Boy, that felt good to say-try it!
I took down all the winter decorations at the end of Feburary, because, well you know, winter is suppossed to end at the end of February. At least according to me. So for the entire month of March my front door stood empty of decoration. I just couldn't decorate it for spring with almost 2 feet of snow out there. Today-March 31st, I decided that I am forcing spring to my front door! I usually like to use real flowers out there, but they would never survive out there yet. So I scoured my house. I found 2 sets of pussy willow branches-different color stems and different lengths, and a bunch of faux (that word is so much better than fake!) white tulips.
 I already had the zinc planters-I leave them out there year round, just changing the plants.
I gathered the pussy willow branches
 Then I dug in my recycling bin for two tin cans, and I had some left over florist foam from a previous project.
Next, wedge the can between the bricks inside the planters, so everything is nice and sturdy and the wind won't blow it over.
From this point, I just started adding the branches, with the tallest in the center. After all the pussy willow branches were in, I dropped in the faux white tulips around the outside edge.
This was a simple and fast project, and it didn't cost me a cent! Love that!
 When the weather warms up a bit, I'll replace the faux flowers with pansies.
 Maybe orange ones for a pop of color!
For now, simple and white is what I have.
I'm still waiting for the 'green' of spring.
 How about you?
PS-Please ignore the water damage on the wood front door.
As I said, the winter has been unforgiving here.
Just another spring project....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cabinet of Curiosities Market

It's been awhile since I've done a show, but I've decided to do this one.
It's called the Cabinet of Curiosities Market.
 It will be held at the barn of Sally Barker, where she currently has the cutest
 multi-dealer shop called Counting Sheep Antiques (click here), in Berlin, MA.
She also is the local Annie Sloan Paint supplier.
 Check out this article that was recently in the paper. (click  here
(photo via Facebook)
They've also just announced that Matthew Mead will be attending
on Saturday, June 7th from 1-3 for a book signing. (Check out his website here.)
Love his style!
(photo via Wayfair)
I'm so excited to be part of this show!
If you want to see who else is going to be here, here's the Facebook link
I think it's going to be great! Put it on your calendar!
(photo via Facebook)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Artisan Soaps Back in Stock!

I'll be filling up my soap box tomorrow,
Sweet honeybee
And Lavender-Oatmeal (*NEW*)
Lemongrass-Sage is still there.( I think.)
Funny thing is, I have the soaps all packed up and ready to go to the shop tomorrow, and I get a message that a customer needs 10 (To be used as gifts for a shower! How fun!) of the Sweet Honey Bee soaps-before they even hit the store. SO, if you want any, move fast!
I'll keep refilling my supply as fast as I can.
Thanks everyone!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The R.E.A.L. Town Marketplace

If you follow me, you know that I sell my wares at The Spaulding Cooperage in Townsend, MA. I've recently made a change in what I carry. Not only will I continue to make and sell my own items, but I really want to showcase artists in a local venue that I like to call 
The R.E.A.L. Town Marketplace. 
R=recycled E=eco-friendly A=artist-made L=locally-sourced.
I have big plans for this Marketplace! Stay tuned...
Here's my first spotlighted artist-Dana Huff of New England Handmade Artisan Soaps. She's a wife, a mom, a teacher and a soap maker. Dana makes so many different kinds of soap, but I only carry a few varieties in the shop, so check out her Etsy site for more selections.
They are 100% natural and handmade.  Love that! 
Baby Soap      Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap    Aloe & Calendula Soap
Literally, the soaps have been flying out the door. I can't keep them in stock. That got me to thinking that 1. I have to continue to offer these great soaps and 2. I need to display them better. I originally had them in a basket all mixed together-not good for trying to sniff all the different 'flavors'.
So I came up with a great solution, if I do say so myself.
 I've had this antique seed packet display box for a long time.
 I bought it, knowing that eventually I'd find something to do with it. And as luck would have, I've had a bit of a hoarding collection issue with vintage soap dishes. I just love them, and I just can't part with them. Here's my solution to a better display...
I added a piece of plywood painted in chalkboard paint to the back and attached various wall mounted soap holders-cute, right?!
 I added narrow antique brackets to keep the cover permanently open.
Now it's ready for the soap...
 The other items in my box of goodies, besides vintage soap dishes,(yes, I realized I needed to sell some), are vintage/antique tea cup saucers. They make a great soap dish if you have a wide enough counter. So pretty and a great use of these saucers that have lost their mate.
I just have to wait for the rest of my order to come in, and I'll fill it up again.
Thanks for supporting 'local' and 'artisian-made' people!!
Makes my heart happy!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paint It White-A Living/Dining Room Makeover

I told my husband is was time to paint our living room/dining room over, and he agreed. A great 'winter' project while we are stuck inside with the snow and frigid temperatures. 'What color?', he asked me. 'White', I answered. He looked at me like I was crazy.
When we bought the house 18 years ago, it was built in 1953, the walls were a light bright green-you know, that 50's color green. Well I like that on vintage furniture but not on the walls, so we painted it 'navajo white' which turned out to be anything but white-it had such a yellow undertone to it, that it was more yellow than cream. But I lived with it.
Then we added a second floor to our home when we were expecting our 2nd child and tried to match the color where the new stair met the old house-yeah, not so much! There was a distinct line. But we lived with it. Then I wanted to 'cozy up' the dining room end to make it look like it's own room. I wanted red, but ended up with a brick color. Not what I intended. But I lived with it. Do you see where this is going?
I've realized that I am not the best at picking out wall colors...18 years later. And I'm always changing out my accessories with the seasons, which NEVER coordinated with the wall colors and it drove me CRAZY. So now that I had my husband on board to paint again, and looking at all the pictures that I've posted on Pinterest, I've realized that white is my best friend. But now what white? There are sooo many to choose from. The professional opinions are overwhelming! 'Depending on the amount of natural light, window orientation, furniture, mood desired, etc.' I decided to go with a color that I use on a lot of my painted furniture-Dove White by Benjamin Moore. It has a slight gray undertone to it. The other deciding factor with painting the walls white, was that our home still has it's original unpainted woodwork, and I still can't bring myself to paint it, even though I love white painted trim (as I've seen from all my Pinterest posts). So with the wood work staying, well, wood, I decided to 'get my white' by painting the walls.
As soon as the red was primed, the entire room opened up and I started to see the light/airy/fresh feeling that I was looking for. I knew it was the right decision. Of course, nothing goes smoothly (or fast) when it comes to our projects. We had to repair cracks in the ceiling, then paint the ceiling-that took a couple of weeks working weekends only. Lots of dust...
Then we discovered rot on the side of the chimney where we had a water leak due to a roofing issue. We had the roof repaired last fall, but now we have to wait for the warmer weather to pull the siding off the house and repair the rotten boards, so we're living with a hole in the living room until then. (See it on the left side of the chimney-yup, floor to ceiling)
Then the painting finally started.
I also wanted to bring our room out of the 80's and more our style which is a laid- back/comfy/easy/light/uncluttered/Sonoma Valley meets East Coast look. So down came the ceiling fan, and and a new light fixture in the dining room was installed.
 The last big decision, to paint the brick or not? I had a friend suggest covering the brick with white paper and see if we all liked it. What a great idea!

It was unanimous, we all loved it. That will be the next project.
So here's where the LR/DR stands right now. 

I haven't hung anything on the walls yet, just letting the space breathe for now.
And making sure I truly love whatever is going to go up, and not just 'live with it'.
Hope you're making 'love it' decisions in your own life!
PS-the spider bite has healed without any complications!